Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Surf the Web on Your TV

As the technology that brings us the Internet merges more and more with the technology that brings us traditional television content, we will find ourselves watching TV shows on the computer and watching Internet content on our TV sets. There are several ways to get Internet on your TV, though most may not be as satisfying as actually using your computer to surf the Web.


Connect TV to Laptop as Second Monitor

  • Connect your TV and your laptop computer using an S-video cable.

  • Connect the audio using a component audio cable with red and white connectors. If your laptop doesn't have component audio, use an adapter that transfers the signal from both cables into one connector, which will plug into the headphone jack on your laptop.
  • Choose the input mode on the TV that corresponds to the type of connection you are using. Press the monitor button on your laptop. This is probably a combination of the shift key and one of the function keys.
  • Tweak the monitor connections under "Display Settings" if necessary. Choose a low resolution for the TV, which should show up as a second monitor. Select "Advanced Options" in the Display Settings box and choose "generic TV" as the monitor type.
·        You should now have the option to see items on your TV. The TV will either have the same icons on both the laptop screen and the TV, or you can choose "extend the desktop onto this monitor" in Display Settings, and then drag items to the TV from the laptop screen. You will be able to see the Internet and control things using the controls on the laptop.

TV with Internet Capability

·        Connect your TV to the Internet according to the TV manufacturer's instructions. TVs with this type of port include Panasonic VIERA, Sharp LC series and Panasonic TC-PS1 series.
·        Navigate the menu using the TV remote and following any instructions in the TV manual relating to using the Internet. Select the desired content and watch it.
·        Be aware that this type of TV may only show Internet content provided by websites and companies that have partnered with the TV manufacturer for inclusion.

Internet-enabled Game Console

·        Connect the game console to the TV and ensure there is a wireless Internet connection available. Alternatively, connect an Ethernet cable directly to the game console.
·        Using the game controller, choose the Internet channel. You can surf using a menu or enter a website URL with a virtual keyboard, or you can attach a USB keyboard to the game console.
  • Results may vary and this will not be as satisfying as surfing the Internet using a computer, but some websites will work well and all should be accessible.

Set-top Box

·        Connect a set-top box, such as a Roku, Sony Bravia, or NetGear ITV2000 to your TV.
·        Make sure a high-speed Internet connection is available. This may be accessed wireless or through an Ethernet cable connected to the set-top box.
·        Select from the menu to choose content. Be aware that this option, like the Internet TV option, may limit you to content from providers that partner with the box manufacturers, and that you may not be able to use the entire Internet.

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